Polestar 2 (408hp) – 0-210 km/h LAUNCH CONTROL!

First real-life Autobahn acceleration test of the 2020 / 2021 Polestar 2! This entirely new car is a 100% BEV producing 408 hp & 660 Nm of torque (total weight: 2150 kg) The interesting about it is that you actually get the same 0-200 km/h performance as in a Golf R…considering all the EU subsidies its actually even cheaper than a fully specced Golf 7.5 R or A35 AMG. What are your thoughts about 0-100 & 100-200 km/h GPS acceleration? Please make sure to also follow all our stuff about this car on instagram! #Polestar #Polestar2 #Autobahn

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