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The BMW M3

When it comes to high-performance sports sedans, the BMW M3 is a name that needs no introduction. Since its debut in 1985, the M3 has undergone several transformations, each one improving upon the last to create a truly unparalleled driving experience. We at Automann-TV have created a lot of BMW M3 Videos and pictures for you.

Technical specifications

GenerationProduction DateEngineHorsepowerTop Speed0-100 km/h0-200 km/h100-200 km/hDry Weight
E301985-1992S14 2.3 L inline-four195 hp240 km/h6.5 secN/AN/A1,250 kg
E361992-1999S50 3.0 L inline-six321 hp250 km/h5.3 sec14.1 sec8.8 sec1,380 kg
E462000-2006S54 3.2 L inline-six343 hp250 km/h5.1 sec13.5 sec8.4 sec1,420 kg
E902007-2013S65 4.0 L V8414 hp250 km/h4.6 sec12.5 sec7.9 sec1,620 kg
F802014-2021S55 3.0 L twin-turbo inline-six425 hp250 km/h4.1 sec11.6 sec7.5 sec1,580 kg
G802021-presentS58 3.0 L twin-turbo inline-six473 hp250 km/h3.8 sec11.1 sec7.3 sec1,655 kg

With each new generation, the M3 has received significant upgrades in terms of engine power and performance, resulting in faster acceleration times and higher top speeds. The latest G80 generation M3, in particular, stands out with its impressive 3.8 second 0-100 km/h time and 7.3 second 100-200 km/h time.

In addition to the raw power and performance of the M3, each generation has brought its own unique design and features. The E30 M3, for example, was known for its boxy, aggressive styling and was the first M3 to be built on a production car chassis. The E46 M3, on the other hand, introduced a more refined and elegant design, along with a host of advanced technology features.

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