Automann Driving Gloves

Driving Gloves

One of the most best ways to recognize an Automann-TV video is to look for the iconic driving gloves that the Automann-TV team always wears. Some say they make every car 10% faster 🙂

Benefits of driving gloves

We often get asked why we wear gloves while driving. Here are some of the benefits why we wear them:

  • More grip, better feeling on the steering wheel
  • Less sweaty hands
  • Less finger prints in the car
  • Driving in style 🙂
Where do I buy them?

Sadly the original Automann-TV driving glove was produced by a small German manufacturer which does not longer produce them. We are in discussion to ask them to reproduce them in a small quantity. If you are interested in getting notified about any developments, click the button below and enter your contact details in the list.