SEAT Leon Facelift Cupra 300 – DRIVE & SOUND (60FPS)

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Video description:
This Sunday I can present to YOU the full DRIVE & SOUND of the recently facelifted 2017 Seat Leon Cupra 300 delivering 300 hp and 380 Nm of torque through a 6-speed DSG and FWD. In case you are wondering about the 4Drive (AWD), that’s only offered on the new Leon ST Cupra 300, featuring same engine and transmission. The sound is of course similar to the Cupra 290 we tested last year, but it has more tone to it and less “pops” and “bangs”. Specifically the crackles on downshifts are more present than in the 290, but the super-loud bang/fart at upshifts is gone! It’s not worse, not better, its different 🙂 If you LIKE watching videos like this please don’t hesitate to COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE and don’t miss all the other Cupra 300 videos following soon!
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