Ford Focus RS EGO-X – 0-256 km/h LAUNCH CONTROL (60FPS)

Wicked LAUNCH CONTROL and high speed Autobahn RUN with our 2016 Ford Focus RS MK3 now fitted with the brand-new HG Motorsport Bull-X EGO-X Cat-Back exhaust. The guys from did an outstanding job of eliminating the high tone of the factory exhaust and putting this SUPER LOUD, DEEP, and AGGRESSIVE sounding exhaust underneath. It was now time to take this combination out on the Autobahn and test if any significant performance increase came out. As you can see, the time to 200 km/h is slightly better than what we have tested before, but specifically the pull-through from 120 – 220 km/h is a lot punchier than before. From a subjective feeling the car probably has 20 hp more, objectively is probably only a small increase. If you LIKE watching clips like this please make sure to COMMENT / SUBSCRIBE and don’t miss all our other videos of this exhaust system going live soon:) Cheers!