Ferrari 458 Italia (570hp) – Evening ROADTRIP (60FPS)

Picking up the Ferrari 458 Italia and driving it all the way from the German state “Hessen”, passed Frankfurt Airport, to the southern “Rheinland-Pfalz”…as you can imagine a super-thrilling experience, especially when you hit the after-work traffic. Overall I got familiar with this car very quickly, surprisingly it took me more time in the Nissan GTR to really get a good feeling for the car, also from a visibility and everyday driving perspective. The engine immediately screams once revs are above 4.000 rpm, the noise level was pretty hight as I had the valves open all the time;) (Capristo Box). Make sure to watch until the end when we park the car in the garage…the whole building was shaking and we saw many “angry” people;) Have a restful Eastern and see you soon!