Driving R8 & M4 & A8 – Our ROADTRIP to Austria! (Part 3)

Third part of our 3-day Roadtrip with two of our cars of #AutomannsGarage! While we took the M4 to get to Ingolstadt (Part 1) and collected the A8 there (Part 2) we now drove the R8 Performance Spyder to Kitzbühel, Austria to do capture some mind-blowing footage for YouTube & Instagram! Reason why we joined this event is that we have an order up for an R8 Facelift which is coming in September….so these are more or less the most recent cars of #AutomannsGarage if you would count in RS3 & Golf R;) Without further writing please join us not only on YouTube but also on Instagram for the Stories which are coming around our new “Flagship”! #AutomannsGarage #Roadtrip #R8BigBang
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