BMW X2 M35i (306hp) – DRIVE & SOUND!

The full DRIVE & SOUND of the all-new 2020 BMW X2 M35i powered by a newly developed 2.0 R4 Turbo delivering 306hp and a whopping 450 Nm of torque! Additionally the car has xDrive (hang-on) and an 8-speed auto. Two surprises: First of all, the exhaust sound isn’t bad at all considering this has to apply to the newest emissions and has an OPF, secondly the pull through and acceleration figures are pretty decent as well. We couldn’t do a full respective test this time as we didn’t have a straight piece of Autobahn, from 180 km/h on it was significantly downhill. Please stay tuned for lots more footage of this X2 M35i on Instagram! #BMW #X2M35i #M35i
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