BMW M4 vs. C63 AMG Coupe – ACCELERATION & SOUND (1080p)

Super FAST Autobahn acceleration and raw SOUND comparison between BMW’s latest M4 Coupe and Mercedes’s awesome C63 AMG Coupe battling each other for the title of “best Power-Coupe”. While the beamers 431 hp & 550 Nm Twin-Turbo engine has “only” 3.0 liter, the naturally aspirated AMG throws in 6.2 liter engine displacement, 487 hp, and 600 Nm (Performance Package). Both cars were tested in an almost identical scenery, without launch-control. You can see in the video that both cars hit the speed limiter (probably something around 255 km/h GPS speed) almost at the same time, after 25 sec! While full-throttle drag races don’t show a big performance difference the M4 will pull away once it get’s curvy and 550 Nm are already available at 1.500 rpm. Both cars sound even better in real-life, but let’s face it, the C63 does SOUND a bit more AWESOME;) So now its your turn, what do you think about the M4 and the C63, who do you think sounds better inside and out? Please make sure to LIKE / COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE!