BMW M4 vs. AMG C63 S – RACE & SOUND (60FPS)

Super FAST Autobahn ACCELERATION and SOUND shootout between the BMW M4 (431hp, 550Nm) and the Mercedes-AMG C63 S (510hp, 700Nm). As I drove both of theses monsters in the past year it was really time to put them head-to-head and compare how they accelerate and sound in real-life. While the BMW “only” has the standard exhaust system (so no M-Performance exhaust) the C63 features the optional “AMG Performance exhaust”. I also have to defend the Merc as the deep grunt doesn’t come across on my video as good as the hollow sound of the inline six. After driving both I would not be able to choose a winner as they both sound and go phenomenal, and have outstanding looks. Of course I am trying to get the C63 S Coupe next year to also check out how that one sounds 🙂 Please don’t hesitate to LIKE / COMMENT / SUBSCRIBE!