BMW M340i (500hp) | 100-200 km/h acceleration & Launch Control🏁 | by Automann

FAST! Autobahn acceleration run & Launch Control with the 503 hp & 770 Nm 2020 BMW M340i optimized by FF Retrofittings from Germany (total weight: 1830 kg). Had a lot of discussions already if this is really 500hp fast but considering what the stock car does and what other “tuning companies” have achieved with the M340i so far this one hast some serious performance! I mean its faster than a pre-OPF M4 Competition which hast only RWD and is about 300 kg lighter! Everything fells rock solid and like BMW had developed it this way….and on top of that everything is 100% street legal in Germany:) What are your thoughts? Please make sure to also follow all our stuff about this car on instagram! #BMW #M340i #Autobahn

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