Audi TT RS EGO-X – 0-250 km/h LAUNCH CONTROL (60FPS)

Super FAST Autobahn acceleration run with the 2017 Audi TT RS and the HG-Motorsport EGO-X exhaust (EWG-version). You probably wonder why this one is slightly slower than the TT RS we’ve already tested, the answer is pretty simple: This HG Motorsport vehicle runs on huge (and wide) 20 inch wheels whereas the stock car had slim 19 inch tires as well as a temperature which was about 20 dregrees lower. As you know, Turbos love cool air;) The stock sports exhaust is already amazing but this one puts another level on top of it. Especially in the mid-rpms and at town speeds the valve is open more often letting you enjoy the 5-cylinder sound even more. Enjoy your weekend! Cheers.
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