Audi S3 Sedan FROZEN BLUE (300hp) – DRIVE & SOUND (60FPS)

As I got my S3 wrapped with newest carbody spray (Karosserie-Sprühfolie) in FROZEN Blue, I wanted to share some additional Drive & Sound footage of this awesome looking color combination. Besides the carbody also the rims were sprayed/wrapped in glossy black which in my eyes give a perfect contrast to the blue and aluminium parts. I think its important to mention that my S3 is a leasing car which needs to be returned in 100% stock condition. Therefore I chose this kind of wrap as you can easily peal it off again and it doesn’t leave any residuals. If you are interested in more up close footage of this car and to see it in everyday conditions please make sure to check out our Facebook page for more background stories and also make sure to LIKE / COMMENT / SUBSCRIBE!