AMG C43s vs. Audi RS3 – RACE & SOUND🏁

Today we have a special for YOU! As we are currently testing the Performmaster C43s with 460hp & 610 Nm we thought it would be a nice idea to compare it to our own RS3 sedan. You probably know that those 5-cylinders deliver more in the direction of 450 hp and the double clutch transmission ist just amazing. Considering our RS3 did a 9.1 sec. 100-200 km/h the fact that the C43s can keep a similar pace is pretty astonishing, especially at higher speeds it seems that the Performmaster version is gaining on the RS3 again. Please stay tuned for our full Autobahn acceleration test of the C43s airing soon here on YouTube! #C43s #Performmaster #RS3
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