Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce – St. Moritz ROADTRIP (60FPS)

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Video description:
Today an epic adventure has started, we are taking our way to the Alfa Romeo #StelvioEmotions drive around St. Moritz and towards Italia tomorrow. On our way from Zurich we had the awesome opportunity to take this all-new 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce (280hp). Our original 3 hour drive was ending up in 6 hours as we got stuck in a traffic jam caused by cars not able to get up the snowy mountains. The police told most of them to turn around but luckily we had Q4 (AWD) and some sticky winter-tires and were allowed to climb the mountain above St. Moritz. Tomorrow we will finally be able to show the new Alfa Romeo #Stelvio SUV and will further drive to Northern Italy.—-
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