540d M-Performance Parts + Verde Ermes | DRIVE & SOUND | by Automann in 4K

Today I can present to YOU a short DRIVE & SOUND with the 2021 BMW 540d xDrive Touring fitted with some very nice M Performance Parts and in an individual color called Verde Ermes! Full Performance Parts List ist the following (German Price List):
– M Performance Frontaufsätze Carbon li. & re. (1056 EUR)
– M Performance Frontsplitter Carbon (862 EUR)
– M Performance Seitenschweller Carbon li. & re. (1688 EUR)
– M Performance AGA Diesen (1949 EUR)
– M Performance Carbon Endrohrblenden 8-Zylinder (995 EUR)
– M Performance Heckdiffusor schwarz matt (394 EUR)
– M Performance Air Breather Carbon li. & re. (620 EUR)
– M Performance Außenspiegel Carbon (739 EUR)
– M Performance Aufkleber (63 EUR)
– M Performance 19 Zoll Bremsanlage (3575 EUR)
– M Performance 20 Zoll 732M Bicolor (4484 EUR)

Please watch yourself and tell me your thoughts! Please make sure to also follow all our stuff about this car on instagram! #BMW #540d #MPerformance

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