2017 BMW M2 Manual (370hp) – 0-200 km/h acceleration (60FPS)

Autobahn acceleration test with the all-new 2016 / 2017 BMW M2 Coupé powered by a 3.0 R6 Turbo delivering 370 hp and up to 500 Nm of torque (weight: 1.570kg). Yeah, I know, my shifting is rather granny-like but as I was still getting used to this car I didn’t want to max out everything. Also, the rear axle gripped so hard that I would have rev it to 4k and let the clutch go to have the optimal wheel spin of the line. This way we achieved a rather moderate time that still shows the potential of this engine. The particular car is also fitted with the marvelous M-Performance exhaust which features more or less a straight pipe (incl. CAT) in Track Mode. Although that the standard exhaust already sounds amazing this one adds that extra 30% on top you do not want to miss anymore. If you LIKE clips like this please don’t hesitate to COMMENT / SUBSCRIBE and don’t miss more videos of the M2 coming out soon:)

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