2016 Ford Focus RS Mk3 – EGO-X Exhaust (60FPS)

INSANE exhaust SOUND update of our 2016 Ford Focus RS MK3 with the brand-new and one and only HG Motorsport EGO-X Cat-Back exhaust. The guys from https://www.hg-motorsport.de did an outstanding job of eliminating the high tone of the factory exhaust and putting this SUPER LOUD, DEEP, and AGGRESSIVE sounding exhaust underneath. And the best part about it….its 100% legal thanks to the BULL-X Tronic which connects to the Drive Modes and CAN to ensure valves open only in situation when allowed by government….hard to believe when listening to it but true;) If you LIKE watching clips like this please make sure to COMMENT / SUBSCRIBE and don’t miss all our other videos of this exhaust system going live soon:) Cheers!

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