2016 Ford Focus RS (330hp) – First CHECK (1080p)

Today I want to present you some first glimpse footage of the all new 2015/2016 Ford Focus RS powered by a 2.3 EcoBoost Turbo delivering something around 330 hp and probably up to 450 Nm of torque! I think its nothing new to you that this car features 4WD. The final figures are not released yet but I am expecting more details in summer. I immediately liked the front and rear-end as it has this typical RS look, combined with the recently facelifted Focus. Much was said about the color (liquid blue) but I would still prefer one in “freeze white” with the rear wing and wheels in black. If this option is available I might be in the game for ordering this year, assuming it doesn’t exceed 40k EUR! Please make sure to LIKE / COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE and stay tuned for more videos once they reach the dealerships. Cheers!